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African American pioneers in medicine overcame great barriers to make significant contributions to the field. Following in their footsteps, Dr. Edward Cornwell III, Surgeon-in-Chief of Howard University Hospital in Washington DC, faces unqiue challenges to have a lasting, positive impact on his students, patients and community.


This documentary explores Dr. Cornwell’s family upbringing, mentors, education and other guiding forces which led to his successful career. It does so in the context of African American pioneers in medicine, and that many of his patients represent the realities of another side of urban African American life – communities beset by poverty, inadequate education and violence.

Transcending Surgeon shows how the choices we make guide us through life. The film reflects strong values, healthy families, hard work and study among African American people.


Transcending Surgeon is a story that connects with viewers in a way that is real and thought-provoking.

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